Why would IRD reject my payment?

Why would IRD reject my payment?

Why would IRD reject my payment? 150 150 Support

IRD may reject a payment for many reasons. The following checklist can help to determine if your transaction might be rejected:

  • Did you have a notice of reassessment when you made your payment through TMNZ?
  • When you made your payment through TMNZ, had it been more than 60 days since your notice of reassessment was issued?
  • Did you pay for more than the increased liability that resulted from the reassessment?
  • When you organised your transaction with TMNZ, did you organise for the payments to be made at the tax dates that the increased liability was due?

If it has been more than four weeks since TMNZ sent your tax to IRD and you answered ‘no’ to one or more of the above questions, then get in touch with our Client Services Team on 0800 829 888 or email support@tmnz.co.nz.

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