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Step 1. To add a taxpayer to your TMNZ dashboard login and from the quick links section select Add Taxpayer.

Step 2. You will then be asked to enter the details for the taxpayer. Please ensure these are exactly the same as the details held at Inland Revenue for the taxpayer.

Step 3. To confirm the provisional tax payment dates, basis (calculation method) and frequency of provisional tax payments.

Click continue to confirm the taxpayer details.

Step 4. Confirm the account type for the taxpayer. We’ve included the description below for reference.

Flexi Account Advantage Account
Transfer my tax as I pay

Flexi accounts are perfect for the everyday user of TMNZ. We will transfer funds to Inland Revenue in the same month as we receive payment automatically.

Why is transferring funds automatically a good idea?

  • Faster representation of funds at IRD
  • Light touch approach
  • Cash management benefits without administrative costs.

Often used by individuals and trusts or small business owners.

You can always swap to an Advantage account at a later stage if you would like to begin holding funds in the pool.

Hold my tax, I want to transfer later

Advantage accounts allow for all the same actions as a Flexi account but with a few extra features to manage more complex tax positions by holding their tax balances in the pool.

When is holding funds within the TMNZ tax pool a good idea?

  • If annual tax liability is over 200k or fluctuates
  • To allow for the tax liability to be finalised before transferring tax to IRD
  • To allow excess balances to be sold at a premium interest rate
  • If they are part of a complex group structure
  • Used by larger businesses, high net-worth individuals or trusts.

If you want to begin having tax credits transferred automatically, you can switch to a Flexi account at any point.

Step 5. Confirm the communications preferences for the taxpayer and then click create new account. Your taxpayer will then be ready to use TMNZ.

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