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Example of terms for IRD

Example of terms for IRD 150 150 Support

Here are two examples of acceptable statements to include in your “Authority to Act”, “Client Engagement Letter” or general Terms and Conditions. These have been endorsed by IRD for the purposes of gaining IRD Data Connection approval. “[We] authorise Tax Management New Zealand Limited (“TMNZ”) and Reckon New Zealand Limited (“APS”) via [“you” / “agency…

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Where can I find my Tax Agent ID and Client List ID

Where can I find my Tax Agent ID and Client List ID 150 150 Support

Finding your Tax Agent ID and Client List ID 1. Go to and log into your myIR account. 2. Once logged in, select the Tax preparer tab. 3. Select Manage agency. 4. Your Tax Agent ID can be found underneath your organisation. 5. Return to the Tax preparer tab and then select Agency reports. 6.…

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Enable live IRD data

Enable live IRD data 150 150 Support

Connecting your clients to live IRD data Get Started The Inland Revenue Data is obtained via APS who are an IRD approved Digital Service Provider.  You do not need to be an APS client to complete the setup. APS do not store any of this data. Once you have connectivity, the taxpayers Inland Revenue data…

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